Cable Accessories 

All of your cable accessories requirements can be supplied ex-stock for next day delivery.

We offer a range of cable accessories including Indoor (BW) and outdoor (CW) armoured cable gland packs together with nylon glands both IP66 and I...

All of your cable accessories requirements can be supplied ex-stock for next day delivery.

We offer a range of cable accessories including Indoor (BW) and outdoor (CW) armoured cable gland packs together with nylon glands both IP66 and IP68 versions are offered at discounted prices.

Cable cleats up to 50mm, open and closed grommets, PVC oversleeving in green/yellow, brown and blue, PVC insulation tape in all colours and underground warning tape can be ordered online.

Cable ties in black, natural and coloured versions up to 380mm x 7.6mm and our round and flat cable clips are some of the cheapest available online in the UK.

Pre-Insulated terminals and Draper terminal kits and Draper crimping tools together with copper tube terminals up to 300mm and copper splices ensure Shop4 All Electrical can meet all of your terminal requirements.

If your looking to joint armoured cable then Shop4 All Electrical offers Pratley above ground armoured cable joint boxes protected to IP68 and Prysmian in-line and Y branch resin cable joint kits to meet your needs. For connecting other cable types choose from our connector blocks, choc boxes, connector strips and porcelain connector blocks.

A full range of earthing products including earth clamps, earth bar terminals, earth pits, earth rods and accessories and earth bars with disconnecting links are available ex-stock for next day delivery.

Heatshrink sleeving, Erico Caddy cable and conduit fixing products, SuperRod cable rod sets and self adhesive warning labels complete the cable accessories range.

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  • Cable Glands
    Shop4-Electrical offer a full range of cable glands including standard and LSF indoor (BW) and outdoor (CW) armoured cable gland packs. Nylon Glands with both IP66 and IP68 protection are offered at discounted prices.
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  • Cable Cleats
    Cable cleats are used to fix, retain and support Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cables. Shop4-Electrical have extensive stocks of both black polyethylene single fixing cable cleats and adjustable single hole Telcleats in all sizes.
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  • Grommets
    Shop4-Electrical keep a large stock holding of standard open and closed Grommets to protect cable insulation against sharp edges in metal back boxes.
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  • Cable Ties
    Shop4-Electrical are able to supply an extensive range of cable ties to both electrical contractors and the DIY user. Our stock profile includes standard cable ties, coloured cable ties, stainless steel cable ties from SWA, Davico and Thomas & Betts.
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  • Cable Clips
    Shop4-Electrical hold comprehesive stocks of a wide range of Cable Clips to secure most types and sizes of electrical cable from the market leading suppliers you can trust.
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  • Tapes
    Shop4-Electrical offer a comprehensive range of electrical tapes and circuit identification tapes used to insulate/identify electrical wires and other material that conduct electricity.
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  • PVC Oversleeving
    PVC cable sleeving is supplied in blue (neutral), brown (live) & green / yellow (earth) colours. Supplied in a range of sizes in 100m reels. A versatile material in common use, ideal for cable or harnessing covering.
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  • Wago Connectors
    WAGO products for building services applications combine optimum performance and dependability with speed of installation. WAGO products ensure installation and performance benefits unsurpassed by any other manufacturer.
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  • Ideal Cable Connectors
    IDEAL connectors provide safe, dependable solutions for every wiring application. Designed to exacting European safety standards and fully compliant with UK Wiring Regulations, IDEAL manufactures a connector that’s right for every job.
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  • Cable Connectors
    Shop4-Electricals cable connector range offer a safe and simple solution to protect and insulate electrical connections across a range of different requirements with products heavily discounted away from the manufacturers recommended trade price.
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  • Terminals
    Shop4-Electricals wide range of pre-insulated and copper tube terminals combine high quality with competitive pricing. With large stocks across the range you can rest assured we have a product to meet your needs.
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  • Earthing Accessories
    If you need to earth your electrical installation, then Shop4-Electrical has a range of earthing accessories to meet all of your requirements in both domestic and commercial applications.
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  • Cable Jointing Systems
    Shop4-Electrical stock a full range of armoured cable jointing systems for both above and below ground installation. Product ranges include SWA armoured cable resin joints and the Pratley range of cable junction boxes.
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  • Cable/Conduit Fixings
    BRITCLIPS offer a complete range of fixings and supports for the efficient and economical installation of cable and cable management products (power and data), lighting, heating and ventilation, ceilings etc.
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  • Warning Labels
    Offering an extensive range of rigid and self-adhesive warning labels which are available off the shelf for immediate next day delivery. All products meet the specific needs of the electrical industry and comply with the current legislation.
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  • Cable Rod Systems
    The award winning SuperRod cable rod systems are market leading highly effective professional cable installation tools, which have been proven to make significant savings on a wide range of cable installation work.
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  • Catenary Wire & Accessories
    Catenary wire and accessories used to suspend and support lighting or electricity cable between two points. Shop4-Electrical offer catenary wire in 30m and 50m reels together with a full range of accessories.
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  • All Round Fixing Band
    The original versatile all round fixing band with hidden inner strength. Pre-drilled with no wastage. Available in a choice of finishes to suit all installed environments.
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