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Through our partnership with the Kewtech Corporation, we are able to supply the complete range of test equipment demanded by the busy electrical contractor when testing today's electrical installations.

A full range of 17th Edition compliant test equipment is available ex-stock for imm...

Through our partnership with the Kewtech Corporation, we are able to supply the complete range of test equipment demanded by the busy electrical contractor when testing today's electrical installations.

A full range of 17th Edition compliant test equipment is available ex-stock for immediate despatch, including:-

  • Analogue Insulation / Continuity Testers
  • Digital Insulation / Continuity Testers
  • Digital Loop Impedance / PSC Testers
  • Digital RCD Testers
  • Digital Multifunction Testers

We can also offer the latest Calibration Checker instrument which validates your 17th Edition instruments more regularly than the standard 12 month calibration period.



The Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) range offered by Shop4 All Electrical includes the new KT71 Automatic PAT Tester. A full set of accessories including pass and fail labels, PAT register, leads and adaptors are available to order online.
Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Voltage Testers, Socket Testers and Voltage Detectors complete the Test Instrument product range.
A full range of Test Leads and Test Certifications are available for immediate despatch, backed by the pricing and customer service you have come to expect from Shop4 All Electrical.
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  • Kewtech 17th Edition Testers
    Shop4 Electrical offer a range of Kewtech 17th Edition Test Equipment. With a broad range of insulation and continuity testers, RCD testers, loop testers, earth testers, multifunction testers plus a selection of 17th Edition accessories, test leads and software we are able to cater for all your testing and certification requirements.
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  • MultiFunction Testers
    Multifunction testers are combination electrical testers that can be used to carry out various different types of 17th edition electrical testing procedures without the need to constantly switch the testing device being used. Shop4 Electrical offer Multifunction Testers from market leaders Megger, Kewtech and Dilog.
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  • Portable Appliance Testers
    Shop4 Electrical offer the Kewtech KT70 series of Portable Appliance Testers that offer automatic test sequences. Professionals who are mobile will prefer the handheld KT71/KT72, while those who want a more professional-grade PAT tester will be interested in the KT77. A range of PAT labels, adaptors and software complete the range.
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  • Digital Multimeters
    Digital Multimeters offer significant benefits over older style analogue equivalents. Today's multimeters are an electrician’s best friend, they are great for measuring parameters on electrical circuits, have built-in advanced features and generate numerical value results which are much more accurate than any analogue scale.
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  • Clamp Meters
    Digital clamp meters are instruments which accurately measure electrical current without needing to physically connect with a circuit. Shop4 Electrical offer clamp meters that measure both high and low AC and DC currents as well as earth leakage and earth resistance from Kewtech and Dilog.
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  • Voltage & Continuity Testers
    Shop4 Electrical offer a range of voltage & continuity testers designed to measure AC/DC voltages and continuity at highly competitive prices. Most models provide LED indication, an audible tone or a combination of both while others have a digital display to give an exact reading.
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  • Socket Tester
    Generally extremely cost effective and cheap, socket testers are also incredibly simple to use, and require the user to simply insert the tester into a socket quickly and the tester will evaluate the internal wiring of a socket without the need to remove the socket faceplate and potential cause damage to the installation.
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  • Kewtech Lightmate Lighting Point Testers
    Kewtech Lightmates are the easiest way to test light fittings, save money save time. The Kewtech Lightmate Kit has 5 different light testing adapters and is a great for testing all lighting circuits. Lightmates are 17th Edition compliant making them the ideal adaptor kit for electricians, contractors, shop fitters 17th edition inspectors etc.
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  • Kewtech Earth Resistance Tester
    Use the Kewtech KEW4105A earth resistance tester kit for testing and measuring earth resistance /ground resistance of electrical building wiring systems. It also has an earth voltage range for earth voltage measurement. The Kewtech KEW4105A is supplied as a complete low cost earth testing kit complete with earth spikes and cable.
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  • Kewtech Phase Rotation Tester
    The Kewtech 8031F provides instant indication of phase sequence on 3 phase systems to ensure correct connection, and can be used to confirm direction of motor rotation prior to connection of supply. Fused leads with screw-in crocodile clips for safety. Ideal for 3 phase electrical systems. Manufactured by Kyoritsu in Japan.
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  • Miscellaneous Testers
    A range of test and measuring instruments including Laser Distance Meters, Lamp Tester and Wall Scanner.
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  • Dilog Safety Isolation Kits
    These 17th Edition Domestic Lockout kits from Di-Log are designed to give you the ability to safely Lockout any circuit within an existing or new domestic property. With the latest amendment to the 17th Edition Guidance Note 2 – Amendment 3, lock off devices and “Safe Isolation” procedures are being enforced across the UK by all monitoring bodies.
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  • Kewtech Test Leads
    Shop4 Electrical offer the Kewtech test leads which are manufactured to exacting standards and are essential to the accurate operation of the particular instrument they have been designed to work with. All Kewcheck test leads fit most major brands of electrical test equipment.
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  • Kewtech Test Certificates
    Kewtech certificate sheets are clearly laid out and easy to complete allowing for full certification of all work carried out in compliance to BS7671. Each pad contains carbon copies for customer and contractor use.
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