Shop4 All Electrical supplies a comprehensive range of Tools chosen specifically to meet the diverse requirements of the professional trades. We can supply the right product at the right price all backed by our ex-stock next day delivery commitment.

Our choice of Draper as our preferre...

Shop4 All Electrical supplies a comprehensive range of Tools chosen specifically to meet the diverse requirements of the professional trades. We can supply the right product at the right price all backed by our ex-stock next day delivery commitment.

Our choice of Draper as our preferred Tool supplier ensures a brand that is respected and has the breadth of product range that is demanded in today’s marketplace.

The Power Tool range offered by Shop4 All Electrical, embracing both cordless and mains powered, covers hammer drills, impact drivers, reciprocating saws, jigsaws, circular saws.

A complete range of drill bits from Draper and Thorsman are available individually or in packaged in sets. The market leading Bi-Metal Constant Pitch Holesaws from Starett are some of the cheapest available online in the UK.

A full range of VDE approved fully insulated pliers and screwdrivers from Knipex and Draper provide the professional electrician with total confidence when working with live circuits – each handtool having been tested to 1000V AC.

Our Ratchet Crimp Tools, Cable Shears and Wire Strippers are all available for immediate despatch, backed by the pricing and customer service you have come to expect from Shop4 All Electrical.

The Shop4 All Electrical Handtool range is completed by the following product ranges:-

  • Electricians Bolster Chisels
  • Cold Chisels
  • Wood Chisels
  • Handsaws
  • Floorboard Saws
  • Plasterboard Saws
  • Hacksaws
  • Trimming Knifes
  • Claw Hammers
  • Club Hammers
  • Adjustable Spanners / Wrenches
  • Spirit Levels
  • Tape Measures


We offer a complete range of torches to order online. These include 12V and 6V Lantern Torches, LED Torches, Rechargeable Halogen Lamp Torches and main powered inspection lamps.

Rechargeable batteries from Uniross and Alkaline batteries from Duracell are offered with free delivery across the range.

Increasingly Site Equipment is a requirement placed on the Electrical Contractor by the job. Shop4 All Electrical is alert to these needs and provides a comprehensive range of lighting and power products. Portable lighting, transformers, extension units, cable reels and inspection lamps are all available with our ex-stock next day delivery commitment.

Personal Protective Safety Equipment (PPE) and Workwear complete the Tools product range.


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  • Pliers - Including VDE
    Work safely with the Shop4 Electrical range of VDE pliers sourced from the market leading suppliers Knipex, CK Tools and Draper. All our pliers carry the VDE trademark giving you the assurance they are safe to use on live circuits.
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  • Screwdrivers - Including VDE
    Work safely with the Shop4 Electrical range of VDE screwdrivers sourced from the market leading suppliers CK Tools and Draper. Our screwdriver range also extends to Draper mains tester screwdrivers and Re-threaders for cleaning out and cutting damaged or malformed threads in electrical boxes.
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  • Cable Shears
    The Shop4 Electrical range of cable shears are selected from ranges offered by market leading suppliers Draper, CK Tools, Kew Technik and SWA. The range provides forged, blades for good cutting action and wear resistance, ensuring you cut cleanly and easily through cable and solid wire up to 30mm² diameter.
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  • Automatic Wire Strippers
    Shop4 Electrical's supply automatic wire strippers are ideal for the fast and clean removal of insulation - available from both Draper & CK Tools. Automatic Wire Strippers work in such a way as to allow the user to remove the sleeve of the wire in one whole motion.
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  • Crimping Tools
    To complement the complete range of pre-insulated and uninsulated terminals Shop4-Electrical offer a range of easy-to-use Crimping Tools. Chosen with the electrical contractor in mind we provide tools to suit all budgets. All tools offer ease of use, reliability and versatility.
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  • Electricians Bolster Chisels
    Shop4 Electrical offer 2 electricians bolster chisels as part of the Essentials range. Both products are from Draper - a name you can can trust in tools. Draper 40869 for levering up and cutting through the tongues and grooves of floorboards and Draper 40860 for cutting bricks and composite blocks.
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  • Armeg Box Sinker Sets
    Armeg's revolutionary Electrical Box Sinking sets giving users the maximum performance when installing into hard materials. The unique Tri-Cut system allows users to drill a square hole for switch and socket boxes in the hardest masonry materials in under two minutes - no more need for a hammer and chisel!
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  • Armeg Specialist Drill Chisels
    The Armeg range of specialist chisels offer the busy tradesman the opportunity to save money by reducing the time it takes to do site preparation. The range of drill chisels includes Channelling Chisels, Scaling Chisels, Tile Removing Chisels , Scutch Comb Chisels, Hard Material Chisels.
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  • Saws
    Shop4 Electrical offer the handsaws, hacksaws and plasterboard saws that allow the professional electrician to complete their installation with minimum fuss and disruption. All products are supplied by market leading suppliers you can be sure to trust such as Draper, CK Tools and Armeg.
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  • Knives
    Shop4 Electrical offer a range of high quality knives which are a necessity for the busy electrician's toolbox, Shop4 offer retractable trimming knifes, an electricians pocket knife, a VDE Approved Cable Knife and a Filling Knife. Spare knife blades complete the range.
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  • Hammers
    Shop4 Electrical offer 3 hammers as part of the Essentials range. All products are from Draper - a name you can can trust in tools. 63347 and 62163 Forged Steel Claw Hammer With Fibreglass Shaft & Shock Absorbing Rubber Grip 51281 Club Hammer With Hickory Shaft.
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  • CK Tools Spirit Levels
    Strong light and durable spirit levels made from powder coated box section aluminium - suitable for the needs of the professional electrician.
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  • Tape Measures
    Shop4 Electrical offer two types of tape measures. The range includes Professional Satin Chrome Tape Measures and Impact Resistant Soft Grip Tape Measures intended to meet all requirements.
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  • Electrical Specialist Label Printer
    Brother PT-E300VP P-Touch Orange Handheld Electrical Specialist Label Printer is ideal for electricians with professional electrical labelling needs. Ideal for shops of various sizes, government institutions and archiving family of materials. Supplied in a hard carry case and is aimed at the on-site installer, maintainer and engineer.
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  • Conduit / Pipe Cutters
    CK Tools PVC conduit & pipe cutters available with products both ratchet and hand cutting action - strong & light for comfortable use. Suitable for effortless cutting of; PVC conduit, blue water mains, plastic pipe, rubber hose, pneumatic pipe, electrical sleeving, etc.
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  • Chalk Lines
    A chalk line is used for marking long, straight lines on relatively flat surfaces, much farther than is practical by hand or with a straightedge. Shop4 Electrical offer both plastic and metal chalk lines from leading supplier CK Tools as well as re-sealable chalk bottles for re-filling the chalk line.
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  • Tackers / Staplers
    Heavy duty tacker / stapler suitable for fastening low voltage wires, i.e. television/radio aerial cables and telephone leads - uses 10mm and 14mm staples.
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  • Holesaws
    The Shop4 Electrical range of professional Bi-Metal holesaws from Starrett and Armeg range have a vari-pitch tooth design and are recommended for cutting cast iron, structural steel, alloyed and unalloyed aluminium, bronze, copper, PVC, acrylic, and wood.
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  • Drill Bits
    The comprehensive Shop4 Electrical range of drill bits meets a range of requirement. The range includes : HSS Drillbits, SDS Drillbits, Flat Wood Bits, Auger Bits, Armeg Wood Beaver Wood Drills, Taper & Step Drills, Armeg Diamond Core, Armeg Hole Cutter and Armeg Solid Board Cutters.
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  • Torches & Lighting
    Shop4 Electrical offer a range of torches and workplace lighting from Coast Torches, Unilite and CK Tools - leading suppliers to the UK market. Our range includes powerful headtorches, compact LED hand torches featuring advanced technology and traditional workplace inspection lamps with protective cage.
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  • Step Ladders
    Lightweight fibre glass non-conductive stepladders for industrial and trade use and is perfect for the electrical engineering trade. Suitable for general maintenance and inspection works. Features include channel stiles and heavy-duty back bars. In addition, the extruded serrated aluminium treads are double riveted to the front legs.
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  • Magma Tool Organisers
    C.K Magma combines optimal functionality with creative style to deliver a range of eye-catching, premium quality products that are truly smarter by design. Built to survive the rigours of every day work, C.K Magma products provide all the functionality, comfort and protection trade professionals need.
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  • Personal Protective Equipment
    Shop4 brings you a range of Personal Protective Equipment. The Avit range from C.K. Tools brings quality and value for money.
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