Fluorescent Tubes 

Fluorescent tubes give a more diffused light and this, together with their high energy efficiency, makes them ideal for large, open areas such as offices, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

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  • T8 Triphosphor Fluorescent Tubes
    Using T8 triphosphor tubes in place of T12 and T8 halophosphor tubes increases light levels and extends lamp life, up to 20000 hours when used with electronic control gear, improves colour rendering performance and reduces maintenance and energy costs.
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  • Philips Master TL-D Eco Low Energy Fluorescent Tubes
    The only T8 fluorescent lamp that saves more than 10% of energy in existing indoor luminaires. Can be directly retrofitted into existing fluorescent fittings operating on conventional EM or HF gear in indoor applications. Ideal for schools, offices, shops and factory halls.
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  • T5 Triphosphor Fluorescent Tubes
    A new generation of triphosphor High Efficiency / High Output slim linear fluorescent tubes offering superior colorimetric, photometric and lumen maintenance performance. Particularly suitable for use in the new low profile recessed and suspended luminaires and modular systems.
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  • T5 Standard
    T5 standard fluorescent tubes are ideal for small luminaires where space is limited or required light levels are low. For economical reasons these fluorescent tubes are the first choice for many applications because they combine high luminous efficacy with low power consumption.
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