Cable Jointing Systems 

Shop4-Electrical stock a full range of armoured cable jointing systems for both above and below ground installation. Product ranges include SWA armoured cable resin joints and the Pratley range of cable junction boxes.

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  • In-Line Resin Cable Joints
    Shop4 offer cast resin universal straight cable joints for Copper and Aluminium Conductors, including lightweight, easy flow resin. These in-line resin cable joints are the ideal method for jointing today’s polymeric industrial cables
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  • Pratley Aluminium Cable Junction Box
    Pratley Aluminium Alloy Cable Boxes have been designed with a number of unique features which make them versatile and easy to use. There is no need to compound fill the box - it is watertight - so it may be easily re-opened for testing.
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  • Pratley Ezee-Fit ATEX IP68 Cable Junction Boxes
    EZEE-FIT Boxes are supplied complete with Built-in Cable Glands for SWA/PVC Cables. This means that additional glands need not be purchased and there is no danger of using non Ex rated glands. The Ex e rated built-in glands will maintain an IP68 rating against the ingress of water and dust.
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  • Wiska Shark Gel Insulated Watertight Cable Joint Kit
    Wiska Shark is a range of IP68 insulated GEL Cable Joints to suit SWA cables and flexible cables. Complete with terminal blocks and everything you need to make the cable joint. Flame retarded material and waterproof
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  • Raytech Magic Gel Kit
    Raytech Magic Gel is a bicomponent gel with very high dielectric and thermal characteristics, ideal for connection systems (muffles or trays) for power cables. For all high voltage and high temperature applications.
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  • Raytech Mammut Gel Cable Jointing Kit
    Both halves of these Raytech Mammut Gel Cable Connectors are already prefilled with gel making them extremely quick to use and ideal for submersible IP68 applications such as outdoor LED lighting. Re-enterable, re-usable and very low cost.
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  • Raytech Wonder Gel Cartridge
    The most versatile gel product available today. Single component gel which comes already cross-linked in a cartridge. Use only as much as you need, never hardens even after opening, re-enterable, reusable, non-toxic and no waste! Fits any standard gun!
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