Drill Bits 

The comprehensive Shop4 Electrical range of drill bits meets a range of requirement. The range includes : HSS Drillbits, SDS Drillbits, Flat Wood Bits, Auger Bits, Armeg Wood Beaver Wood Drills, Taper & Step Drills, Armeg Diamond Core, Armeg Hole Cutter and Armeg Solid Board Cutters.

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  • High Speed Steel (HSS) Drills
    Armeg roll forge HSS drill bits possess properties and capabilities close to that of flute ground drill bits. Suitable for metal, wood, plastic and steel.
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  • SDS Drillbits
    Latest carbide tip technology - increased penetration and efficiency of cut. Ideal for cordless drills with increased numbers of holes per battery charge. For use in concrete, brick, stone and rock.
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  • Flat Wood Bits
    Armeg flat wood drill bits, manufactured from high quality carbon steel, have an integral centre point and twin cutting edges which enhance speed and rapid chip removal. Armeg flat wood drill bits can be used in SDS Plus machines with hammer stop facility. Suitable for producing holes in wood with hand and power tools.
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  • Auger Bits
    Hex wood augers incorporate ground and sharpened combination cutting edges to produce fast, clean and accurate holes. Dual-purpose for use in both electric power drills and hand braces. Use for quick precision cutting with all types of wood.
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  • Armeg Wood Beaver Wood Drill
    The next generation wood drill. The Wood Beaver’s quad-flute and quad-cutting head design sets it apart from other wood drill bits on the market and gives a drilling performance that can’t be beaten.
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  • Taper & Step Drills
    The Quick-Cone, with it's uninterrupted ground cutting edges, is perfect for producing an infinite range of hole diameters, making it the most versatile tool for drilling holes and an ideal trade solution. The Pro-Step, featuring a stepped drilling profile is the professionals solution for producing consistently accurate holes in trunking and sheet steel.
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  • Diamond Core Bits
    Armeg Diamond Core Bits offer a unique combination of superior design and high quality manufacture. Ideally suited to lightweight building materials, ordinary facing brickwork and blockwork up to 10n/mm². The range is designed to give rapid, clean service entries with virtually no making good required. Virtually no ‘break out’ damage.
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  • Armeg Hole Cutter
    Adjustable width blades provide flexibility with a cutting diameter ranging from 40 - 203mm. Reduces the need to carry a holesaw for every size making it the cost effective solution to creating large diameter holes. Provides protection from falling debris to provide more efficient and hassle-free drilling.
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  • Armeg Solid Board Cutters
    Drill easy fix access holes in solid boards in under a minute. Carbide Solid Board Cutter for repeat access holes in solid floors. Rebate in cutter allows for repeat access cap to be used to leave a flush finish.
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