Electric Storage Heaters 

Shop4 Electrical offer for sale the full range of award winning Storage Heaters from Dimplex and Creda Heating which take advantage of off-peak electricity offering both manual and automatic control of daytime temperatures and separate convector heater models.

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  • Dimplex XL Storage Heaters
    The Dimplex XL and XLS are suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. The UK`s slimmest and most popular storage heaters offer performance, economy, ultra slim design and maintenance free reliability.
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  • Dimplex CXLS Combination Storage Heaters
    The Dimplex CXLS range offers many of the benefits of the popular automatic storage heaters but with the addition of a built in top-up convector heater which provides an independent heat source to supplement stored heat in severe weather, or as the sole heating if heat is required unexpectedly – for example in spring or autumn.
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  • Dimplex DuoHeat Storage Radiators
    The revolutionary Dimplex DuoHeat radiator is the latest in stylish, energy-efficient electric heating. With a slim, modern design, user-friendly electronic controls and an innovative "smart" heat management system, DuoHeat is the perfect choice to provide efficient, controllable heat exactly when and where you want it.
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  • Creda TSR Slimline Storage Heaters
    Working on any low-cost tariff, the Creda TSR Storage Heaters are offered in a range of sizes to suit any room. The TSR Sensor Plus (AW) models monitor the room temperature and energy stored within the heater core to avoid overcharging.
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  • Creda TSR Combination Storage Heaters
    The TSR Supaslim Combined Storage & Convector Heater is designed to combine economic and low-cost storage heating with an independently thermostat-controlled fan heater. Effectively two heaters in one, the built-in fan can provide heat on its own or in combination with the storage heater for a rapid boost to room temperature.
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