Distribution Boards 

Shop4 Electrical offers the most comprehensive range of Distribution Boards and incoming/outgoing devices available online. Single phase type A boards and three phase type B boards are available from Merlin Gerin, Hager and Eaton MEM ensuries your installation is completed on time and on budget.

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  • Eaton MEM Memshield3 Distribution Boards
    Eaton’s Memshield 3 MCB Distribution boards have evolved through an intimate knowledge and feedback from Electrical Contractors to provide solutions to a wide range of electrical distribution applications in commercial buildings.
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  • Schneider Acti9 Isobar Distribution Boards
    Schneider Acti 9 simplifies final distribution operations in buildings and industrial facilities, giving you the right solution with the right technical characteristics for every application.
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  • Schneider LoadCentre iKQ Square D Distribution Boards
    The LoadCentre iKQ is an extensive range of easy to install MCB distribution boards. These products have additional extension enclosures for metering, remote switching and other control products which allow them to be configured in many ways.
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  • Hager Invicta3 Distribution Boards
    Hager developed the Invicta3 Type B TPN distribution board as a solution for modern commercial installations. Shop4 Electrical offer sale from stock the 125A range of distribution boards with multiple incomer choices. A full range of outgoing devices are available to complete the installation.
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  • Wylex NH Series Distribution Boards
    The Wylex range of NH distribution Boards is designed to cater for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The wide range of boards is complemented by an extensive choice of incoming Devices including direct connection, switch disconnector and RCD, outgoing devices include a broad selection of MCBs and RCBOs.
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