Elkay EnergyOutdoor Timers 

With the range of EnergyOutdoor products, ambient, security lighting and power can be timer controlled outdoor including parking areas and gardens. Offering a choice of pushbutton, touch, PIR and remote timers, EnergyOutdoor gives function, style and durability to outdoor energy saving.

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  • Elkay EnergyOutdoor Pushbutton Timers
    The EnergyOutdoor pushbutton timer provides an electronic time delay switch for lighting and other power uses in outdoor environments. Ideal for use in driveways, gardens and patio areas. This easy to fit and highly cost effective unit offers energy saving functionality by timing lighting and power sources off to avoid unnecessary power usage.
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  • Elkay EnergyOutdoor PIR Timers
    The Elkay EnergyOutdoor PIR Timers act on detection of moving body heat, activating the outdoor lighting or power source, which stays on during the selected time period. An internal light sensor can be adjusted to keep lighting switched off when sufficient ambient light is available. These units have an override switch on the faceplate.
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  • Elkay EnergyOutdoor Touch Timers
    The Elkay EnergyOutdoor Touch Timers offer superb functionality and energy saving features with a subtle touch activation for a wide range of outdoor use. These Touch Timers, when used in outdoor environments offers increased reliability as a non-mechanical electronic unit.
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  • Elkay EnergyOutdoor Remote Timer
    The Elkay EnergyOutdoor Remote Timer is suitable for use in outdoor environments and can be mounted in inaccessible areas using slave activator switches to operate the timer. Easy to install and ideal for lighting and other power sources in parking areas, gardens and patios
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