Cable Cleats 

Cable cleats are used to fix, retain and support Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cables. Shop4-Electrical have extensive stocks of both black polyethylene single fixing cable cleats and adjustable single hole Telcleats in all sizes.

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  • Single Fixing Cable Cleats
    Single fixing cable cleats provide a simple, but strong means of securing cables. Suitable for use with steel wire armoured cables. Cable cleats offer an economic, non-corrodible single hole fixing for PVC steel wire cables up to 120mm².
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  • Telcleats
    Telcleats are suitable for cables from 10mm to 51mm overall diameter and can be installed using either wood screws or BZP studding. Available in 8 different sizes they are manufactured from low density polythene, they are UV and weather resistant.
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