Conventional Alarms Systems 

Easy to install conventional fire alarm control panels, heat / smoke detectors, break glass call points, internal bells, sounders, xenon beacons and door retainers offer the cost conscious installer a market leading product range at low, low prices.

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  • Scimitar Fire Alarm Control Panels
    The Scimitar Fire Alarm Control System is a comprehensive range of high specification conventional control panels. The range is available in 2, 4 or 8 zone variants and is complemented by up to 8 matching two wire repeater panels per system.
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  • Conventional Detectors
    Conventional Detectors incorporate well-proven sensing technologies, together with advances in materials and electronics based on that used in Apollo XP95 analogue addressable detectors. Having a wide operating voltage of 9-33V, the Apollo series 65 detectors can be integrated into security systems, when used with a relay base.
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  • Break Glass Call Points
    An attractively designed simple to install range of surface mounting break glass call points that have been specifically designed to suit the Channel Safety Veritas conventional fire systems.
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  • Bells
    Bells still remain a popular choice for many applications such as schools where they can sometimes be used as a signal for non fire purposes such as class change. The Channel Safety internal bell incorporates highly efficient rotary centrifugal movements combining high sound output with low currrent consumption.
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  • Sounders
    Conventional fire alarm sounders offered by Shop4 Electrical provide effective warning in fire conditions, ensuring the safety of people they are intended to protect.
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  • Beacons
    Fire alarm beacons from Shop4 Electrical use either Xenon flash tubes or high efficiency LED’s as their light source. In areas with high back ground noise, emergency beacons accompany sounders to ensure that the alarm is recognised
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  • Remote Indicators
    The remote indicator units are designed for fire detection systems requiring a local indication of an individual, or group of fire detectors. The design utilises a red LED, that has a wide area of illumination and high on/off contrast.
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  • Door Closers & Magnetic Door Releases
    The Channel Door Closer is an electromagnetically powered device which can be interfaced with an alarm system to automatically close a fire door in the event of an emergency. The Channel Magnetic Door Unit can be connected to a fire alarm panel to trigger door closure in the event of an emergency.
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