Danlers PIR Occupancy Switches 

The Danlers range of Passive Infra-Red occupancy switches is designed for the automatic control of lighting, heating, ventilation or air conditioning loads. This has the benefits of reduced energy bills and automatic control.

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  • Ceiling Flush-Mounting PIR Switches
    These neat and unobtrusive PIR switches are ideal for flush mounting through suspended or plasterboard ceilings. Ideal for offices, factories, workshops, canteens or schools.
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  • Ceiling Directional PIR Switches
    These directional PIR switches plug into a ceiling mounted socket. These sockets can be mounted on a BESA box. Designed to give a directional view of the activity to be monitored. Suitable for corridors and storage aisles.
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  • Ceiling Surface Mounted PIR Switches
    The CESF PIR is a hard wired Ceiling Surface Mount PIR switch which can be mounted on a square pattress box. These surface-mounted models are ideal for solid ceilings. Designed for switching lights on when an area is occupied and then off when area is vacant for chosen duration.
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  • Wall / Ceiling Mounted PIR Switches
    The WACE PIR is suitable for either wall or ceiling mounting. It fits either into a plaster depth (16mm) wall box or onto a ceiling mounted square pattress box. It requires a neutral wire. Suitable for stairwells, corridors, toilet, lobbies etc.
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