Elkay EnergySense Timers 

The EnergySense range from Elkay Electrical provides a simple and highly cost effective way of saving energy, which can be as easily installed in existing buildings as it can be incorporated into new build schemes.

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  • EnergySense Pushbutton Timers
    Stylish, electronic time delay switch for lighting and other power use, the pushbutton timer can replace an existing switch to provide energy saving functionality by timing lighting and power sources off to avoid unnecessary power usage.
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  • EnergySense PIR Timers
    The PIR Timer is a fully automatic device which controls various power loads through the detection of body heat. Activated by the detection of moving body heat, the lighting or power load will then stay on for a preset period of time. If body heat is no longer detected, the time period will elapse and the load will be switched off.
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  • EnergySense Touch Timers
    The EnergySense touchtimer offers energy saving features at the lightest of touches. With the reliability of a fully electronic unit, with no mechanical moving parts, it has all the features of the Elkay Pushbutton Timer unit with the additional benefit of tactile, feather light touch activation.
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  • EnergySense Remote Timer
    The Elkay EnergySense Remote Timer is suitable for use in inaccessible areas such as stairwells and corridors, using remote slave activator switches to operate the timer. The unit has a blank faceplate and is therefore tamperproof.
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  • Elkay EnergySense Celing Mounted PIR Timers
    The ceiling mount PIR is activated by the detection of moving body heat and has the added feature of a red indicator LED to signify when the timing has been re-triggered and the unit is in its final minute of operation. This intelligent unit provides variable timing selection from 2 minutes to 1 hour.
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