Instantaneous Water Heaters 

Instantaneous Water Heaters provide an alternative to the standard storage water heaters, providing instant hot water without the need for storage, the Shop4 Electrical range of water heaters are ideal for domestic or commercial applications where an endless supply of hot water is required.

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  • Redring TAP Instantaneous Water Heaters
    Redring TAP1 White Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Tap is a direct replacement for standard mixer taps. Designed for hand washing where a connection to a hot water feed is unavailable. Offers a simple, yet highly effective and efficient solution to an every day need.
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  • Redring Powerstream Instantaneous Water Heaters
    The Redring Powerstream unvented instantaneous water heater delivers instant hot water at point of use. This compact and unique design eliminates the need for centrally stored hot water cylinders saving on electricity usage and important space.
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  • Redring Powerstream Eco Instantaneous Water Heaters
    The Redring Powerstream ECO delivers hot water instantaneously at point of use eliminating the need to connect to a centrally located hot water cylinder with long pipe runs. This compact and unique design now offers an external power selection dial with an ECO setting for ease of use and reduced running costs.
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  • Zip InLine ES Instantaneous Water Heaters
    The Zip InLine ES compact electronic instantaneous water heater provides energy efficient hot water for handwashing to a single outlet in areas where space is limited. The innovatively designed appliance heats the water automatically as it flows through, without wasting energy in standby operation.
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