Unvented Water Heaters 

Unvented water heating is the fastest growing sector of the market. Shop4 Electrical recognise this with the extensive range of products from market leaders Heatrae Sadia, Zip Water Heaters and Redring covering all size of installation.

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  • Zip Aquapoint III Small Unvented Water Heaters
    Zip Aquapoint III is a small unvented Water Heater. It is available in 5, 10 and 15 litre models. It has a glass lined steel storage tank tested to 12 bar and a sacrificial anode is fitted for protection against aggressive water conditions. All Zip Aquapoint III water heaters come with all the necessary accessories and factory fitted P&T valve.
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  • Zip Aquapoint III Large Unvented Water Heaters
    Zip Aquapoint III is a range of unvented Water Heater supplied in a range of different sizes to serve single or multiple outlets. Supplied with all the necessary accessories for installation they are suitable for supplying hot water within domestic or commercial environments.
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  • Zip Varipoint II Unvented Water Heaters
    The Varipoint II unvented water heater can provide hot water, at mains pressure, for one or more outlets and can be used with conventional taps. The range offers both undersink and oversink variations in a range of capacity sizes.
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  • Redring EW Unvented Water Heaters
    The EW range has been designed to provide stored hot water from a mains pressurised water supply. The EW range has been designed to be installed without the need for the temperature and pressure relief device making the installation even simpler and quicker.
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  • Redring TS Unvented Water Heaters
    The TS range has been designed to provide stored hot water from a mains pressurised water supply. The TS unvented water storage heater comes complete with a pressure relief device for inline installation.
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  • Heatrae Sadia Multipoint Unvented Water Heaters
    Multipoint is the market-leading range of small unvented water heaters. This range is quick and easy to install with a choice of element ratings. It is supplied with a factory-fitted temperature and pressure relief valve and features a unique five-year inner container guarantee.
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  • Heatrae Sadia Hotflo Unvented Water Heaters
    The Hotflo unvented point of use hot water heaters can service up to three basins and has a copper inner container, requiring no anode, to achieve optimum performance in terms of durability and corrosion-resistance.
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  • Wijas Perfect Unvented Water Heaters
    These are the smallest water heaters on the UK market, making them less obtrusive and allowing for more flexible installations. With models to fit either oversink or undersink installations, they offer a neat and tidy solution for all point of use water heating. Extremely energy efficient given you don't wait for the hot water to arrive.
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