Handwash Water Heaters 

Electric instantaneous handwash water heaters provide an energy-efficient source of hot water for hand washing, at the point of use, where long inefficient pipe runs would otherwise be required. They ensure conformity with current Health & Safety legislation.

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  • Redring Instant Handwash Water Heaters
    Economical and instant, the Redring Instant Hand Wash Water Heaters are compact and simple to operate with a single on/off and temperature control lever. They are also fitted with the unique Vortex spray outlet which eliminates the need for costly maintenance due to the build-up of scale in hard water areas.
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  • Redring Autosensor Handwash Water Heaters
    The Autosensor is a unique hand wash unit operated by a no-touch sensor. Ideal for environments where cross-contamination must be avoided, such as hospitals and food preparation areas. The unit is fitted with a unique non-scaling vortex spray outlet and an automatic shut-off to eliminate waste water.
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  • Heatrae Sadia Handy Handwash Water Heaters
    Heatrae Sadia Handy Water Heaters are compact instantaneous hand wash units that are suitable for connection to a convenient ring final circuit. Simple operation with a single-turn rotary control dial, ‘Power On’ indicator and durable 200mm swivel spout. Now incorporate additional safety devices offering protection from scalding.
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  • Triton T30i Handwash Water Heaters
    The Triton T30i over sink instant water heater is simple to install. This 3kW version provides sufficient hot water for hand-washing in running water. This water heater will work with very high cold water inlet pressures of up to 10 bar and will also work with very low pressures of water, 1bar or 81 litres a minute
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