LED Flat Panel Lighting 

LED Flat Panel Luminaires mark the beginning of a new era in office lighting. The breakthrough designs combine advanced engineering with a strikingly pure design aesthetic for a totally new user experience. These LED luminaires are perfect solutions for office, retail, education and healthcare lighting applications, as well.

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  • JCC Lighting Skytile LED Flat Panels
    The quick and easy retrofit design allows the JCC Skytile LED Flat Panels to directly replace the less efficient traditional fluorescent fittings. They can be used in a wide variety of applications including offices, hospitals, sports stadia, universities/schools, airports and shopping centres.
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  • JCC Lighting Skytile Linear LED Flat Panels
    JCC Skytile Linear offers a range of high performance LED 45W / 55W recessed flat panels. They provide an even light distribution on walls and ceilings with the advantage of zero maintenance with no need to re-lamp. Emergency and dimmable versions, IP44 protection with an easy to clean wipeable surface.
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  • JCC Lighting Skytile Surface LED Flat Panels
    JCC Skytile Surface LED Flat Panels outperforms T8 light output offering 40% energy saving against fluorescent equivalents. Secure anti-tamper design with a 40,000 hours minimum life expectancy. Emergency versions available. Even light distribution on walls and ceilings with easy to clean wipeable surface
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  • JCC Lighting Skytile LED Wallwasher
    The JC47051 LED Wall Washer from JCC provides smooth and even light distribution with no UV, making it ideal for retail applications. Also providing up to 33% energy saving against fluorescent fittings.
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  • Ansell Lighting Infinite LED Flat Panels
    Ansell Lighting Infinite LED Panels are aesthetically pleasing with its sleek design. These high performance LED flat panels outperform Moduni 3x14W T5 modular fluorescent fittings. Offering low glare and even light distribution ensures their suitability for most commercial/office applications.
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  • Ansell Lighting Endurance LED Flat Panels
    Ansell Lighting Endurance offers the very latest in recessed LED panels, providing high quality lighting solutions for commercial, retail or industrial settings. If you are looking to refurbish an office/retail space or a school then the Ansell Endurance LED Panel will be perfect.
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  • Enlite Edge-Lit LED Flat Panels
    The new ultra-slim Enlite edge-lit LED panel is suitable for a wide range of applications including office, education and commercial spaces. The advanced aluminium heat sink dissipates unwanted heat allowing for a flat form factor. The range is engineered to deliver an even light distribution.
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